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Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Recently Completed Project - Vodafone Stoke on Trent

I am very proud of our design work on this project which completed a couple of months ago. To start with the building design, led by Alan McBeth for RPS Architects (photographed by Edmund Sumner) is both imaginative and innovative, so we were off to a good start.

This shot from the first floor shows our design for the call halls with central pit stop/ training pod. There are about 1000 peole working out of the space, the majority of whom are custmer service related. You can how natural light is coming in via the roof lights which is augmented by "theatre style" lighting gantrys. Not only does this create a better working environment, but saves energy too.

We introduced key features like these entrance portals to give a sense of arrival & make the most of the big volume space. A lot of detail design develpment went into these, particularly to get the lightbox colours to comply with Vodafone's branding requirements.

The workstations are a simple rectangle, but set out on the floor to radiate from the central pit stops. This has allowed us to provide plenty of desktop space for each agent but also conform to our clients global space standards.
This photo. taken a couple of days after move in shows how quickly the end users have settled into their new home.

A key benefit for staff is the full service "Mezz" restaurant centred on the first floor between the two call halls

The Vodafone end users have responded very positivly to their new working environment which we belive to be one be one of the most innovative contact centre environments completed recently in the UK. The scheme has been enterd for a British Offices Regional award, so.we are keeping our fingers crossed!

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Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Hello all

Stating off 2010 with this new blog, which I hope will give an insight into what we do for a living which is working with our clients to improve the effectvness of the working environment to not only reduce overheads but deliver an improved quality of work experience through good design.

To start with I will show some of the work we completed recently and what business benefit we delivered for our clients.

As a novice to this meduim, stand by to witness a steep learning curve!

Looking forward to the diaogue.....